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--==Mr. Wuf==--

Mr. Wuf Model

Date Completed: 4.16.2006
Tris: 3936
Modeled in: 3ds Max 8
Approximate Time to Complete: About 3 weeks (including animations)

This was the first character I'd ever modeled entirely from photographic reference, and one of the things I discovered was just how nice it is to have a reference medium that guarantees proportional accuracy. I took great pride in modeling my university's mascot, and it was really cool to have the chance to meet up with him personally to get the reference photos. Though I worked through this project at a frenzied pace (alongside a few other things), I greatly enjoyed it.

I think the greatest strengths of this character are the texturing job (a mix of digitally hand-painted texture and photo samples, all done in ~10 hours) and the way that the animations really give a sense of the persona of Mr. Wuf. If I could change anything about the character I'd probably add some polys in certain areas to help with the animations as well as re-think how I did the head-to-body connection. I am very pleased with how Mr. Wuf turned out, and seeing him running around in the Unreal engine for our Senior Design project was truly awesome.