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--==T-Rex Rider==--

Still of rider running

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Date Completed: 12.10.2007
Tris: ~6800
Modeled in: 3ds Max 8, ZBrush 2
Approximate Time to Complete: ~3-5 months while documenting (in detail) entire process for tutorial

This character was created to be the focus of a massive, step-by-step tutorial for creating a normal-mapped character from concept sketch to fully rigged and animated. The idea was to create a character that could be used with the T-Rex as a rider (and yes, Paraworld did have at least a little influence on this...despite my not having picked it up yet). I pushed myself very hard on this character, wanting to make it as much of a challenge for myself as I could, and the professor I worked with was great at getting more iterations out of the model than I probably would have done on my own. One thing I certainly did learn is that the character development process goes much more slowly when you're taking screenshots of every step along the way, as well as writing out instructions for everything you're doing and trying to explain why you did it. The tutorial ended up being around 70 steps (with most steps having many sub-steps) and I took somewhere around 250+ screenshots. Eventually that tutorial will be posted up here (basically once it's all converted to HTML), so be on the look out for it.