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--==T-Rex (aka "Mama Rex")==--

T-Rex goofy pose

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Date Completed: 11.15.2006
Tris: 6972
Modeled in: 3ds Max 8, ZBrush 2
Approximate Time to Complete: ~3-4 weeks

This and the Deinonychus character (also included in my portfolio) were created for use in my semester-long project for the Fall 2006 semester. Our goal was to create proposals for innovative and highly interactive museum exhibits for the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, which was just beginning work on a new wing and several other renovation projects at the time. Having always been fascinated by dinosaurs I decided to pitch my own take of a paleontology exhibit where a hand-held game system (or other device capable of realtime 3d rendering) acted as a window to the living, breathing prehistoric world. The idea was that this would create a virtual double for the exhibit layout, and the patron's movements in the physical space of the museum would govern their movement in the virtual world. I also pitched the inclusion of several mini-games that could further draw the patron in and engage them with the exhibit.

This was not only my first experiment with using normal maps, but also my first attempt at some sort of facial rig on a "game" character. While certainly not a perfect rig, I was pleased with the range of expression I was able to get out of her nonetheless.