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--==Unreal Wolf==--

Unreal Wolf White Skin

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Date Completed: 1.8.2006
Tris: 5896
Modeled in: 3ds Max 7, imported into Unreal Tournament 2004
Approximate Time to Complete: ~3 months of spare time

Done completely as a side project and learning experience, the Unreal Wolf was a project that was fraught with problem after problem. I probably could have made the whole process easier on myself, but, after only having done some basic animations for the two previous Unreal Tournament characters I'd worked on (the Voarex Soldier and Queen), I wanted my first official character to be a completely custom one. After completing the character and all his animations once only to learn that I had the skeleton set up incorrectly (and thus had to re-rig the model and then redo all the animations) as well as several other snags, I finally came out with a unique character that comes with 4 skins, has a custom voice pack, all custom animations, and custom physics (aka karma) data.

As with any previous project I now see many areas where this model could be improved upon, but I am still very proud of the result. The Unreal Wolf pack has been submitted to Skin City (link) and Polycount (link) and has been doing very well on each site. Though school has kept me busy since the Unreal Wolf's release, I hope to continue making custom characters for UT 2004 and advance my own knowledge and experience with each new project.

You can download the Unreal Wolf pack either through its listing on the two sites linked above or directly through this page. The .zip file is available here and installation instructions are included in the .zip file.