Welcome to shadoweagles.com, the online portfolio of Ben Huckaby. Use both the main menu to the left of this text as well as the sub-menu found in the upper right corner to navigate around the site. New works will be added as they're completed, so please check back every so often.

--==news + updates==--

8.07.08 :: Not quite a year without an update, but still a bit of a delay. Work has been keeping me busy (and giving me a lot of reasons to invest some serious time into updating my portfolio, which has yet to be done) and life and side projects have seemed to take whatever time was left. Some (old) news is that the character tutorial I was working on late last year to early this year is done and live, and you can check it out here.

Other than that not a whole ton to say right now, as I've either got things from work that need to go in the portfolio or am working on other projects that will eventually work their way into the portfolio. Oh yeah, and I still badly want to completely re-design this site. Maybe one of these days it'll happen...
2.16.08 :: Alright, so over a year without an update. 2007 kept me unbelievably busy between my first year of full-time work and finishing my second degree, Art and Design. Needless to say, the website kind of fell off the to-do list with everything else that was going on.

I've been working for NC State's Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications, or DELTA, for a little over a year now and I have to say that I absolutely love it. I work with a fantastic team of people and we're really pushing hard for using games and simulations in education, which is what I find most intriguing. We're just on the verge of completing a virtual plant pathology lab (one of the earlier versions of which is in my portfolio), and we've gotten a lot of interest from faculty about other possible labs and virtual environments, so it should be a fun (and busy!) next couple of years getting this program off and running.

Updates--added some new renders and two new animations to the gallery. How many more such updates will occur before I overhaul this site...I dunno. :)
11.09.06 :: Quick update: school and work are still keeping me extremely busy, but I just couldn't resist posting some renders from my latest work. I wanted to try my hand at a normal-mapped character, so when I needed a T-Rex for the interactive museum exhibit concept I'm doing a pitch for in my studio this semester I figured that this would be as good a time as any to take a shot at it. I'm quite happy with the results, and I think it's going to be hard to go back to making strictly low-poly models... :P

You can take a look at these renders by clicking here.
10.05.06 :: Not surprisingly, this semester has been a very busy (but quite interesting) one. I've got more material (in the form of 3d renders, concept sketches, and digital photos) to add to this site than time to add it, but I'm still trying to update every now and then.

On that note, the Flash Work section has had some slight alterations and has two new pieces of ActionScript goodness in it. I've also updated my resume to reflect my time so far at NCSU-DELTA (which has been more than amazing). Be sure to check back in another month (hopefully less) for more updates.
8.15.06 :: Nearly three months without an update--man what a busy summer. Work has kept me busy doing some really cool 3d stuff (which will hopefully be in the portfolio section as soon as I have time for a proper update), and I'm finally getting a chance to work in earnest on some mod work. Other activities over the summer have been teaching for the second year in a row at the Digital Games Xpo over at Wake Tech and beginning to dabble in digital photography with a digital Rebel.

In fairly recent news, Bill Watson over at Anvil Prototype & Design printed out a high-res version of my Unreal Wolf character. It still amazes me that a 3d printer can produce a detailed model with the texture intact and that absolutely no touch up work is necessary at all. His thumbs were unfortunately lost during transit, but check out these detail shots:
Front View 1
Side View
Front View 2
Back View
Front View 3
5.28.06 :: After having the design finished for this site for almost a month I finally had time to create all of the content pages and get them uploaded. The content may undergo a few changes and such while I finalize everything, but it's good to see a goal that's been on the backburner for over a year finally come to fruition. Hope you enjoy the site!