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--==Lava Lake==--

Lava Lake Bridge

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Date Completed: 2.12.2006
Deathmatch Map for Unreal Tournament 2004--Custom Meshes made in 3ds Max 8
Approximate Time to Complete: ~2 weeks
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I've always had a fascination for level designs where the level itself was about as hazardous as the opponents inside it. With Lava Lake I wanted to try making an outdoor map (something I hadn't previously done) that featured volcanic caverns, thin passageways above bubbling lava, and an ominous atmosphere. One thing I didn't necessarily intend, though, was to make a Deathmatch map that's easily large enough to house a small Onslaught arena. Doh!

All size issues aside, I had the most difficult time tearing myself away from the Unreal Editor while making this map. Though I hardly consider level design a specialty of mine I certainly enjoy doing it, and I learned many, many new helpful tricks to the Unreal Editor while working on this. I'm very proud of how the map turned out visually, and the gameplay is actually fun when there's enough competitors inside the map to actually have some combat going on.