--==Renders of 3d Works==--

Please click on an icon to see the full-sized view of that piece in a new window. You can click on the pop-up image to close the window. Each piece is accompanied by technical information and some background information.

--==Miscellaneous Works==--

Rider Preview T-Rex Preview Deinonychus Preview
Mr. Wuf Preview Unreal Tournament Wolf Preview Tech Griff Preview
Skull Portal Preview

--==Strong Desire for Quickness==--

This mod for Unreal Tournament 2004 has been a fun and interesting change of pace from the 3d content work I normally do for the Unreal Engine. The gameplay was inspired by (and somewhat based off of) the Mario Kart line of games, but with a more serious and vicious spin on it. Vehicles were something I had never worked on before this mod, and, though constructing so many assets in 2-3 months (along with other course work) was a bit of a challenge, I greatly enjoyed this project and hope that the team will stick together and continue adding on to it.

Cougar Preview Dagger Preview Napalm Mine Preview
SDFQ Load Screens Preview Kinetic Mine Preview Bomb Preview
Goal Marker Preview Dagger Preview Shield Generator Preview
Holo Pickup Preview Homing Missile Preview Shield Generator Preview


Not only the first game mod I've worked on, but Awakening was also the first time I had seriously done any 3d work. My main contribution to this Unreal Tournament 2004 mod were the two characters featured below, the Voarex Soldier and the Voarex Queen. The essential concept of the game was to modify the existing objective-based Assault gametype to a humans-vs-aliens battle for survival. The most fun and interesting part about this project was working as a team to repeatedly test and tweak the gameplay as finding a balance between the slow but sturdy humans and the fast but frail Voarex was a more difficult task than we initially anticipated.

Voarex Queen Preview Voarex Soldier Preview

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