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Cougar Angled View

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Date Completed: 4.23.2006
Tris: 2812
Modeled in: 3ds Max 8
Approximate Time to Complete: ~1 week

The second vehicle for the Strong Desire for Quickness mod, the Cougar was meant to be something far different than the first vehicle (the Dagger). I wanted to create something that not only had some ground clearance but was also a larger, less graceful vehicle but that would still have some style and be a lot of fun to drive. Being a station wagon fan I decided that it would be amusing to take a station wagon, make it a hot rod, then raise it up to 4x4 level. Thus, the Cougar was born--I started off looking at the Dodge Magnum for inspiration, though I don't think any of it really came through in the final model. If anything it seems to take inspiration most from a '57 Chevy Wagon or even a Chevy Nomad. Of course, with retro hot rod stylings I couldn't resist giving each version of it a flame paint job...

Texturing this vehicle was a blast. Just about every color (save for the chrome parts and the wheels) is customizeable by merely changing a solid color fill layer in Photoshop (all the shading is done using independent layers for maximum flexibility), and, since I knew this would be the last thing I'd have time to contribute to the mod before its presentation day, I decided to have as much fun with the texture as I could. One example is the vanity license plate--completely custom, it not only bears the "EVIL WGN" label but also contains the mod's name, the address of this website, and an eye logo that I've used to mark some of my works recently (the same logo appears on one of the Unreal Wolf model's armor). Also in the texture is "3ds Motors", a render of the Voarex Queen, and "512 Hemi"--even though the texture map is actually a 1024x1024, a 512 Hemi is still stretching it for size, and the 1024 Hemi just looked silly.