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--==Holographic Pickup==--

Holographic Pickup

Date Completed: 4.1.2006
Tris: 852
Modeled in: 3ds Max 8
Approximate Time to Complete: 1 day

A major portion of our mod's gameplay relies on having some way to obtain the items and weapons used to wreak havoc on the raceway, so I was charged with creating a charger base and available item pickup pair so that the racers could get their items. Since I had already used the holographic technology earlier on the Start/Finish marker I thought it'd only be fitting to reuse that for the item pickup. The rotating cube is somewhat of a tribute to our mod's main inspiration, Mario Kart, and the fake item pickup (a landmine decoy) was made by changing the color of the rotating cube and by not causing the transparent projection cone to flicker like the real one does.