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--==Load Screens==--

Dagger Action Shot Loadscreen

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Date Completed: 4.25.2006
Programs Used: 3ds Max and Photoshop
Approximate Time to Complete: 3 hours

The mod needed some custom load screens, so I created four of them all in the same style. Two screens are a composite of renders from a single vehicle while the other two load screens feature action scenes of each type of vehicle. When the team asked for these load screens they initially said just to put some text over some renders I had already done, but I wasn't content with that idea. A lot of the time went into positioning all the vehicles for the two action scenes, but once I had the renders and had set up the background for the first load screen, the rest of the work went by quickly. Though my team was surprised by getting more out of these than they expected, I knew that I couldn't have let myself do anything less. Quality really means a lot to me, and if it means putting in some extra time to make something that has that extra visual edge then I'll do whatever it takes to get there.