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--==Nitrous Tank==--

Nitrous Tank

Date Completed: 4.9.2006
Tris: 730
Modeled in: 3ds Max 8
Approximate Time to Complete: 1 day

Though the nitrous tanks are an item that should only appear in the user's interface (or HUD) for the mod, I still wanted to create a 3d model for it so that it would fit the style of all the other items. I think I spent about as much time making the texture for this model as I did actually modeling it. Like many of the assets created for this mod, I just started having a lot of fun once I got around to texturing so I put a lot of effort into it. I also tried to add some unusual or humorous additions to the model's simplistic texture. For example, the text "You should be boosting now!" was taken straight from the debug message that the coders had inserted to test to see if the boost was working when it should have been. Other fun-with-texture moments include the text burned in on the backside that says, "Tank Capacity: 730 tris3" and a Gone in 60 Seconds reference, "Go Baby Go".