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--==Tech Griff==--

Tech Griff Front View

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Date Completed: 3.3.2006 (Geometry and Texturing)
Tris: 6346
Modeled in: 3ds Max 8
Approximate Time to Complete: ~35 hours

Intended as a character model for Unreal Tournament 2004, the Tech Griff was born out of a desire to create a very unique model (a quadraped) with a cross of sci-fi and fantasy elements in it. The modeling and texturing were done on a condensed time frame, but unfortunately the model has yet to be rigged or animated for export. This project is currently on hold, but I fully intend to return to it in the near future and complete its journey into Unreal. Once completed (and tested), it will be made available for public download--watch the Current Projects page over the next couple months for updates!