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--==Voarex Queen==--

Voarex Queen

Date Completed: 4.17.2005
Tris: 2920
Modeled in: 3ds Max 7, imported into Unreal Tournament 2004
Approximate Time to Complete: ~2 weeks (animations included)

I love experimenting with non-traditional characters, so when it came time to animate the Voarex Queen so that she could be used as the final boss character in the Awakening mod, I really poured some effort into making the cycles as believable as possible. Despite being a relatively low-poly model, she still had a good deal of flexibility, which definitely helped in making the whole process a lot more fun. Speaking of fun...yeah, I definitely had a bit too much fun making the fins and the grub body jiggle with each movement. This is definitely an early example of my 3d work that I'm quite proud of still.

Coming up with the concept for the Voarex Queen was more of a challenge than coming up with the soldier was. As a team we wanted something that would suit the hive setting and would be significantly large and intimidating enough to fill a "final boss" role for the mod. The goal here was to create something that was more along the scary/disgusting vein than the sleek and intimidating path I took with the soldier. Again I drew my inspiration from the natural world; the grub-like back end was something that I thought added an interesting (and repulsive) twist to the queen, and the sickle-like front claws were inspired in some capacity by the forelimbs of a praying mantis. The snaggle-tooth maw was taken directly from deep-sea marine life (mainly the viperfish and the angler), and the fins on the head and back were a tribute to both marine creatures and a throwback to the dimetrodon. Like the soldier, the Queen has no eyes.