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--==Voarex Soldier==--

Voarex Soldier

Date Completed: 3.24.2005
Tris: 1507
Modeled in: 3ds Max 7, imported into Unreal Tournament 2004
Approximate Time to Complete: ~2 weeks (animations included)

This was the first character I ever worked on in 3d. It's very low poly and definitely has its flaws, but overall it was a fantastic learning experience and it still ended up working well in our Awakening mod. Designed to be a fast and deadly creature with a frail amount of health, the Voarex soldiers were completely dependant on their melee attacks. With the ability to wall-climb and limited cloaking they made for a very fun (and different) playstyle. At some point I'd love to revisit this character concept, probably as an exercise in normal mapping...

In designing this character I tried drawing some inspiration from the natural world. The team I was working with knew that they wanted something strong, light, and fast, but it also had to be completely different and scary, if possible. Using this I thought of several animals that met some or all of these attributes, including the cheetah, rhinoceros, reptiles in general, and even a little insect influence. I then combined them all to form the concept for this character, adding in one other trait that I thought was unsettling--the lack of eyes. My end goal was to create a feral but obviously intelligent hunter--something that could drop out of the shadows at any second and strike without warning to strike fear into the opposing forces. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun with this character and the Queen.