Genetics of Rice Webpage Preview Shot The Genetics of Rice, 2005
Done for Kirti Patel via the Kenan Institute

After being shown a few sites that the client liked I played around with a few different designs, keeping in mind the entire time the young audience that the site was supposed to target. The complimentary color scheme was chosen by the client, but beyond that I had free reign for coming up with the visual design. I chose to stick with the cartoonish look of the graphics and using consistently bright, saturated colors to create an interesting and even playful mood while still having a site that appeals to kids and adults alike.
Integrating Technology in the Algebra I Classroom Webpage Preview Shot Integrating Technology in the Algebra I Classroom, 2005
Done for John Pritchett via the Kenan Institute

For this site I was given the challenge of incorporating Algebra, a technological feel, and the client's alma mater's colors (NC State--red and white) into a site that was interesting and professional. The target audience was an adult one (consisting mainly of high school teachers) so I chose a mix of clean lines and angles as well as simplistic blocks of color for most of the visuals. To really make the content stand out (and to incorporate the Algebra theme) made the main body block the brightest of the group and framed it with a repeating border on each side made up entirely of algebraic equations.

**This site has also updated its design. You can see the most current design by going here.
Huckaby Jewelers Webpage Preview Shot, 2004
Done for Huckaby Jewelers, Inc of Charlotte, NC

This was an especially fun project to work on. The entire site was done over the course of a day and a half, which was an unusually short production period, but I still feel that it is one of my better designs. The entire layout was left completely to my judgement, even down to the color scheme. I tried several different color combinations initially, but I kept coming back to the simple yet elegant green, black, and white. The diamond logo was one that was already being used by the jewelry store--I just had to create a digital version of it (which was later used in various printed media for the store). I wanted to keep the design simple and easy to read but refined, professional, and interesting at the same time in an attempt to reflect some of the characteristics I saw of the business itself.
The Sun, Moon, and Stars Webpage Preview Shot The Sun, Moon, and Stars, 2004
Done for Nancy Carty via the Kenan Institute

My first site design while working for the Kenan Institute, this project involved working with a teacher that had developed a curriculum that fused together art and science into one over-arching class. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this site as it combined so many of my favorite subjects, especially in the astronomical theme that was used to create the visuals for the site. As with most of my designs, the client showed me several pages that she liked and I created the final layout based on her tastes and input.
Protochips, Inc. Webpage Preview Shot Protochips, Inc., 2003
Done for Protochips, Inc. in Raleigh, NC

Though technically not my first website design, I really consider this project as my first. I spent a good deal of time studying many other sites and doing plenty of research, both under my client's suggestions and in my own time. The result was a site that was clean, professional, and suited my client's needs well. You can visit their site in its most current version by going to, which has been reworked by another party.
Protochips, Inc. Webpage Preview Shot NC State Disc Golf Club, 2003

In my second year as an officer for the NCSU Disc Golf Club I decided to completely rework the webpage that the club previously had. I tried to create something that was clean but attention-grabbing and that had the same qualities that I associated with the club and the sport. Though not my most complex or fancy layout, I still like the overall look and feel of this site.