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--==Zebra Triptych==--

Zebra Trytpch Paintings

Completed: 1.12.2001
Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas paper
Dimensions: 20" x 18" per panel (?)

With this painting I really wanted to play with the zebra pattern and its continuity across the panels as well as finding a way to try to hide the depiction of the zebra heads across all three panels. The stripes match up when entering and leaving the head on the first two panels, while the last panel is merely a repeat of the first panel but with the stripes now serving as a mask over the full-color depiction. I wanted to achieve an oscillating visual path through the works so that the eye will gravitate towards the high-contrast central panel while the stripes will continually let it move to the left and right panels before eventually returning to the center one.